Since 2010, we’ve built on our combined knowledge, experience, creativity and passion to breathe life into some of the most popular & unique venues within the capital.

An ever expanding, award winning hospitality group with a diverse portfolio of ventures in the South Wales bar and restaurant sector.

Since opening our very first venue in 2010, the drive and passion of the people at Croeso Pubs LTD has allowed us to grow to become the well established and renowned company we are today, with an array of successful hospitality brands in Wales’ capital & notable ventures into events management.

Our team of dedicated and passionate employees are the heart of our business, allowing us to provide the best standard of service possible.

We’re always looking to expand our workforce to keep up with the constant growth of our venues. We are looking for the most passionate, dedicated and motivated individuals to join the team. Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist, or looking for a new career in the hospitality sector, we’re always delighted to welcome new recruits to the family!

Croeso Pubs LTD


Call: 02920 344688

For bookings, private hire & table reservations please contact our bookings team via the bookings forms on our venue websites.